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2001Obtained U.S. Citizenship
1981Moved to present studio in Concord, Massachusetts
1977Artist in residence, Newcastle College of Advanced Ed. and Univ. of Newcastle, Australia
1971New Zealand Society of Sculptors and Painters, International Symposium
1970Fellow at The Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT, JDR 3rd. Fund Grant
1970Family moved to Massachusetts. Permanent resident.
1966Instructor at Musashino Fine Arts University, Tokyo
1962Research Associate ship at Department of Architecture, MIT
1961Special Graduate Study at Department of Architecture, MIT, Fulbright Grant
1961Fulbright Grant, orientation study at The University of Arizona
1953Graduated from Tokyo University of Fine Arts, in Oil Painting, BFA.
1928Born in Paris
1999Award from Japanese Government, Ministry of foreign Affair
1973American Academy and National Institute of Arts and Letters Award
1970JDR III Foundation Fellowship
1964Graham Foundation Fellowship
1961Fulbright Scholarship
1994Colorado Springs Municipal Airport Sculpture Competition, Colorado
1990Tokyo City Hall Art Competition, Tokyo, Japan
1986Lowell historical Preservation Commission Art competition, Massachusetts
1984Cincinnati Commerce Center Art Competition, Ohio
1976Springfield Riverfront Park Art Competition, Massachusetts
1974Fitchburg Public Library Art Competition, Massachusetts
1992Interactive sculpture 'Cyclelight" at First Night '93, Boston
1989Sculpture show at Duxbury Art complex Museum, Duxbury, Mass.
1989Sculpture show at Nantenshi Gallery, Tokyo
1984Sculpture show at Staempfli Gallery, New York
1981Sculpture show at Clark Gallery, Lincoln, Mass.
1980Sculpture show at Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles
1980Sculpture show at Staempfli Gallery, New York
1977Sculpture show at Staempfli Gallery, New York
1970Sculpture show at Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo
1964Sculpture show at Kanegis Gallery, Boston
1959Painting show at Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo
1954Painting show at Mimatsu Gallery, Tokyo

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Terry Urbahn
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